The International 2020

Most Dota fans were waiting for The International 2020, especially considering coronavirus started being a threat in the first half of the year. Dota 2 International is an annual event, yet this year is the first year when there are issues and the event is being delayed like this. Not only fans and participants but also betting lovers were disappointed that a pandemic had to ruin everything for them.
But what is going to happen to the Dota 2 International in 2020? Is it going to take place? Will you be able to place bets too?

The Initial Plan

This year’s The International was going to take place in Stockholm, Sweden, the event thus returning to Europe after a long time. Scheduled to take place at the Ericsson Globe, the open qualifiers were scheduled for July. This stage was a single-elimination one that was open to all teams, and each region’s winners will advance to regional qualifiers. The main qualifiers stage was scheduled for July too, while the group stage was expected for August. Lastly, the main event was said to start on August 18 and end on August 23.

What Is Going On Right Now?

COVID-19 is still spreading as we speak, so the future of The International 2020 is still uncertain. What happened so far is the introduction of Battle Passes. Just like in previous years, 25% of the sum gathered from the Battle Pass sales are going to be added to the prize pool, increasing it over time. This year, the Battle pass was released sooner instead of closer to the event.
At the very least, even if the event is going to get delayed, it will still take place and you can still make bets. Even if it’s not sure whether it will happen this year or not, money is still being gathered to make it work.
On top of that, many eSports betting sites are offering bets for the championship too, which is even better.

Final Thoughts

If you love Dota 2 enough, then waiting for the tournament to unfold will be worth it. When it finally happens, you will once again see your favorite teams and have access to betting.